Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The New SNL Ladies

The Vulture blog offers a look at the two new women that have been hired presumably to fill Amy Poehler's shoes. Michaela Watkins does a funny Arianna Huffington impression:

And Abby Elliott appears to have been hired because she's hot:

Obama Makes Little Girl Cry

This story is pretty hilarious, even for The National Review.

In the late evening hours of Monday, November 3, 2008, my wife and I were surprised to hear my almost ten-year old daughter quietly crying in her room — well after her bed-time. I walked in to see what was wrong, expecting to hear that she’d had a bad dream or perhaps a bad day at school. Her real concern surprised me: “Daddy, I heard that Barack Obama wants to bring all the troops home from Iraq, and that we might lose the war.”

*Disclaimer: This is not the real girl, just a random picture I found of a little McCain supporter.

Prop 8 and the Black Church

From Bill O'Reilly: Why aren't Prop 8 protesters targeting black churches instead of Mormon ones?

Could it possibly have something to do with attacking those that financed the Yes on 8 campaign rather than those who simply voted for it??

Chris Matthews: Journalist or Politician?

Matthews is starting to blur the line a bit, gearing up for 2010. "My job is to make this presidency work."

Iraq War Ends

The Yes Men make a fake New York Times. Look out for people handing out the real live print versions around the city today.

Our First Colored President

Palin 2044?