Thursday, November 13, 2008

Joe the Website

Wonkette posts about Joe the Plumber's new website where nothing is working and everything is coming soon.

Atheist Bus Sides Coming to America

Perhaps you heard about the "Atheist bus sides" that went up in London claiming "There's Probably No God". This winter, a similar campaign is going up in Washington, D.C. Watch some of Fox's finest go off on the whole idea.

"Feeling alone during the holidays? Go to church!"

Avatar Anchors

Sick of those boring old human news anchors? Wish you could you get your news from lifeless, computerized voices coming out of crude cartoons? Now you can! Welcome to News at Seven. See one of their Celebrity Gossip videos here.

The Future of the Party

Thanks to Think Progress for putting together this compilation of Republicans on cable news hating on the idea of Palin 2012.

Who is the real Martin Eisenstadt?

The New York Times reports that the man behind the whole "Sarah Palin Doesn't Know What Africa Is" story doesn't actually exist. Here "he" is defending "himself."

Booking Ayers

Good Morning America has booked Bill Ayers for tomorrow's show. Hopefully we'll have some juicy video of him announcing his new campaign of terror soon.