Friday, November 21, 2008

Saxby Chambliss Hates Cameras

"I turned on the TV and I said 'Oh Shit.'"

Diane Sawyer interviews Ashley Dupre.

Variety's Slanguage

Is this video more funny or less funny when you find out that Variety financed it as an ironic ad for itself?

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The Dead to Play Inauguration?

This paragraph is buried in today's somewhat condescending WSJ article "Washington's Woodstock."

The list of likely performers also includes Bob Weir, singer and guitarist for the Grateful Dead, now known as the Dead, which shared a stage with the Allman Brothers Band for a fund-raiser concert in October. "They haven't asked us yet, but they told us to hold the 20th," he says.

Fred Thompson's Tragic Fall Back to Acting

According to HuffPo, Fred Thompson is giving up his bid to chair the RNC to return to acting. I see a wildly successful Foghorn Leghorn adaptation in his future. Or probably just more Law & Order.

Arrested Development Movie Gets Real

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard have signed the contracts on the film version of almost everyone's favorite TV show.