Friday, December 5, 2008

Tina Fey is Fascinating!

(Not That) Jon Favreau

Obama's 27-year-old speech writer got himself into a sticky situation when this photo appeared on Facebook (that's him on the left, fondling Hillary's cardboard boob). Don't you hate when people tag embarrassing photos of you? Ever worry that they might actually cost you your job? Favreau untagged himself within 2 hours, but the damage was done.

Coldplay Steal From Guy You've Never Heard Of

I always knew Coldplay were dirty plagiarizers.

O.J. Finally Going to Jail

How could I not post the most important story of the day?

Dick Morris on Clinton 2012

O'Reilly actually comes off as the sane, reasonable one in this exchange.

MORRIS: My concern -- and I think, by the way, the disclosure deal that Bill has agreed to isn't a bad one, about Dubai and all that stuff. The thing that worries me from Obama's point of view about Hillary Clinton -- let's follow your logic. Let's say there's a terror attack. And let's say Obama's popularity drops. Let's say the economy doesn't improve, and his popularity's down around 27 percent. Do you believe Hillary Clinton will run a primary against Barack Obama for president --


MORRIS: -- in 2012? Damn right she will.

O'REILLY: Yeah, everybody knows that.

O'Reilly on The New Yorker

You don't fuck with Hendrik Hertzberg like that.