Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Obama Administration

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino was the first member of the still active Bush Administration to accidentally refer to the "Obama Administration."

People From Mississippi and Louisiana Completely Incapable of Dealing with Snow

From the AP:

NEW ORLEANS — A rare snowfall blanketed south Louisiana and parts of Mississippi Thursday, closing schools, government offices and bridges, triggering crashes on major highways and leaving thousands of people without power.

More Bleeping

From Letterman: "The bleeps are not really bleeps."

Al Franken Takes the Battle to Youtube

The Senate recount in Minnesota continues and Al Franken fights back the best way he knows how: by producing a documentary on Youtube to draw attention to absentee ballots that have thrown out.

Fox News Hates Festivus

Come on guys, really? Festivus is not part of the War on Christmas.

Not to mention this nugget of wisdom from the blond chick from Fox and Friends:
"I'm all for people to have their rights of free speech, just don't choose December 25th to do it."

The Best Viral Videos of 2008

Thanks Videogum for compiling this retrospective. This is much better than actually having to watch all of these videos.

McCain/Palin Power Strips Selling for Only $1

The Sleuth blog on reports on an inexplicable yard sale being held at McCain's old campaign headquarters. They even list some of the choice items you can pick up if you stop by.

- A Dell Latitude D620 laptop for $417.00.
- A Dell Latitude D820 laptop for $570.00.
- Brother multifunction printer for $189.00.
- RIM Blackberry 8700c for $30.00.
- Folding chairs for $3.60 each.
- A 55-cup steel coffee urn for $77.00.
- A power strip for $1.
- Ethernet cables for $1 a pound.

Congrats James Franco

...on your Golden Globe nomination for Pineapple Express.

The Youtube Millionaires

The New York Times reports today on a new breed of people who make silly videos for Youtube and are somehow pulling in six-figure salaries as part of Youtube's Partner program. And I'm just finding out about this now?