Monday, December 15, 2008

Shoe-Thrower Not Charged With Assaulting President Bush

From ThinkProgress:

CNN Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware reports that Muntader al-Zaidi — the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush yesterday during a press conference — “is being investigated for possible charges not connected to assaulting President Bush, but for doing it in front of the Iraqi Prime Minister and hurling the shoes in the Prime Minister’s general direction rather than at President Bush’s head.” After CNN host T.J. Holmes clarified that “just because the Iraqi Prime Minister was in the vicinity that might really be what gets him in trouble,” Ware responded, “Yeah brother, this is Iraq.”

A Very Barney Christmas

As if the show-throwing reporter wasn't enough, George W. Bush is just making funny Youtube videos now.

"Celebrate America? That's a great way to spend our last holiday here in the White House."

Chuck Todd Hates David Gregory

Watch him awkwardly fidget his hands as he tries to hide his contempt for the man who beat him to the Meet the Press hosting gig.