Sunday, December 28, 2008

Laura Bush "Not Amused" By Shoe-throwing-gate

Frank Rich on Rick Warren

The always reliable (and heavily linked) Frank Rich Sunday op-ed boils down the Rick Warren inauguration pick to its essence:

There’s a difference between including Warren among the cacophony of voices weighing in on policy and anointing him as the inaugural’s de facto pope.

He concludes with this quote from historian Timothy McCarthy:

After noting that Warren’s role at the inauguration is, in the end, symbolic, McCarthy concluded that “it’s now time to move from symbol to substance.” This means Warren should “recant his previous statements about gays and lesbians, and start acting like a Christian.”

McCarthy added that it’s also time “for President-elect Obama to start acting on the promises he made to the LGBT community during his campaign so that he doesn’t go down in history as another Bill Clinton, a sweet-talking swindler who would throw us under the bus for the sake of political expediency.” And “for LGBT folks to choose their battles wisely, to judge Obama on the content of his policy-making, not on the character of his ministers.”

Livni on Meet the Press

Is David Gregory not allowed to challenge Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni when she claims that the responsibility for the lives of Gaza's civilians is in Hamas's hands?