Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mickey Rourke's Independent Spirit Award Acceptance Speech

Mickey, and 'The Wrestler', win big on the night before the Oscars, further cementing his chances for tonight. See his rambling, funny. sad, brilliant speech below.


SylverSky said...

REDEMPTION! RESURRECTION! REAL! VISCERAL! HEART&SOUL-FULL! Saw the movie yesterday - touched me deeply. This is a story that was LIVED - the parallel lives of Randy the Ram and Mickey Rourke. Mickey, dude, YOU are the MAN! Went into the heart of darkness and (finally) came out the other side shining. Knows what saved him too - his dogs. What an inspiration this man is. And what he said about Eric Roberts - how beautiful can it get? Wow.

Anonymous said...

I like Mickey Rourke and would like him to win the Oscar as well. But let's not go overboard. This was a "brilliant speech"? Give me a break!