Friday, May 29, 2009

Is Karl Rove the Only Republican Supporting Sotomayor?

How has Karl Rove become one of the only rational voices in the Republican Party regarding Sotomayor's nomination?

So I think Republicans need to take her on in the appropriate fashion, which is about her judicial philosophy, her record on the court, her writings and her statements. Particularly her statements. But they — and they need to do so with respect.


Badmer said...

That does not sound like he is supporting her. It sounds more like a very honest, fair and logical way of approaching ANY Judicial nomination. That he is not using the same strong language that others are using is fine by me. But for her to say the things that she has said and get a pass for it, I think is completely deserving of the tittle: Racist.

John said...

How can you agree with Rove's advice and call her a racist?

Badmer said...

I am a Hispanic American and even I can take her remarks for what they are. Maybe you just have not watched the news or read the paper so I will ask that you listen to the words that have come from out of her own mouth then come to your own conclusion. Could you accept a white male nomination saying the things she has said? I wouldn't and the same consideration should be given to her.