Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Addresses Henry Louis Gates-Gate at Press Conference

Obama's prime time press conference on health care went about as expected, with no big surprises. The clear highlight came at the end with the final question about Henry Louis Gates' arrest. Obama confronted the story head on, saying that the Cambridge police acted "stupidly." He even got in a joke about how he would be shot if he was trying to break into the White House. Ultimately, the question gave Obama an important chance to address racial profiling on the national stage.

UPDATE: has a great analysis of the Gates arrest.


Anonymous said...

The reason why blacks and latinos are stopped by police more often then whites is probably because that in those areas, blacks and latinos are the ones who commit 80-90% of the crimes. Yes there is racial profiling, but when somebody sees a black man that is 6 foot tall and the police see a 6 foot tall black man... why wouldn't they stop him?

Catherine said...

He was arrested for disorderly conduct. Not for being black. or for being in his residence.
Had he merely handed over his id, explaining what had occured (the lock out)
and thanked the officer for coming that would have been the end of it. .
OH NO the rage from some previous transgression way back in time caused him to go off on the officer.
I know all too well that little rage feeling (like what do they think I am a criminal?) when I am asked for my Id when making a credit card purchase... yes a transgression from my past. I hold my tongue as I know that the clerk is doing their job and are protecting my best interest. Yes it is humiliating to say the least. But it is the society we live in full of scammers and thieves. Things need to be verified. There are bad people in every race. I do not want some police officer walking away from my house because he sees some one breaking in and is afraid to challenge someone's identity, People are crafty.
The officer did nothing wrong and The Professor needs to apologize to HIM for reacting in such an unprofessional manner. You would think a Professor would not act so unprofessionally, trying to imtimidate the police. Grow up Mr Professor. Get some anger management therapy. And stop pulling the race card
This racial profiling business has to stop. When I hear a comment about the police pulling over someone because they are are black, I question the validity of this comment as I do not think that police have xray vision to see what race a person is when they are driving behind them. I know I can't. It is a ploy which needs to stop.
When I was growing up I never looked at black people as black people .. ONLY PEOPLE. Perhaps if the black people would stop trying to be so hard to black instead of just being a person perhaps the problem would stop.