Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sen. Claire McCaskill on the O'Reilly Factor

Sen. Claire McCaskill talks about the town hall insanity on O'Reilly.

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kankan said...

Bill O is so full of it. How hard is it for a media guy with a staff to figure out what bill is about. Sure, if the only information you have is snippets of some press conferences and q-n-a of Obama and the coverage on TV, it seems confusing.

I got tired of reading whole bill, so I did a five minute search and found on the House's Ways and Means committee website real straight forward 4 page summary of the House version of the bill in BULLET POINTS and nice one page bullet pointed explanations of each major aspect of the bill(health insurance exchange, public options, funding/taxing methods, medicare reforms etc)

These were very helpful as a good overview, which I then could check against the actual contract/legalese in the bill.

Why doesn't Bill O the bullet pt lover, send his viewers to those pdfs. There is plenty in there for republicans to rail against like taxes on bigger small businesses that do not provide employees health care right now, penalty tax on those who don't buy the affordable health care offered.

Let's talk about what is in the one versionof the bill that is out of committee and have an real adult discussion.

I really like the health insurance exhange in the bill that allows regardless of pre-existing conditions can get into, and folks with lower incomes can get govt subsidies of their premiums but get to spend those premiums on private insurers or prublic options. The public option is not subsidzed, premiums are, so its a bit like shcool vouchers, but public option is not paid for by govt like public school, but rather stand alone like Post Office. I like it provides min regs for private insurers, as Germany's health system of universal coverage that includes many, well-regulated private plans does.

I learned more in one-half hour of reading these summaries and then reading specifics of bill itself than hours of TV and blog reading

Bill O, don't look stupid, get on the internets, and read the bullet points.