Thursday, September 10, 2009

Turns Out Democrats Booed Bush at 2005 State of the Union

Mere Rhetoric offers this flashback video, showing that Rep. Joe Wilson was not the first member of Congress to boo a president. I couldn't imagine that W. could have gotten away with not getting booed for a whole eight years.


Anonymous said...

The issue isn't the booing: Booing/hissing has gone on as long as State of the Union/joint-session speeches have been given. Over the last 20 years, the GOP booed Clinton and Democrats booed Bush. There's never been a case in recent memory of a member of the other party hurling a personal insult to the president while the speech was going on.

Beyond that, it is a violation of House rules to impugn the character of either another member or anyone speaking before the chamber.

Wilson messed up on both counts.

Anonymous said...

LOL this proves nothing - who yelled "you lie" during this speech?

Frank Provasek said...

No one ever yelled out "you lie" or similar at any US president EVER. By the way, the booing and grumbling was when Bush was proposing to invest social security funds in the financial markets. Can you imagine the disaster if Bush had been allowed to do this?