Monday, January 5, 2009

Children's Hospital

I guess I'm finally jumping on the Children's Hospital bandwagon. I only held out because I didn't want to visit Watch the first episode here. See if you don't get hooked.

Sasha Frere-Jones on Bon Iver

The estimable Sasha Frere-Jones devotes his New Yorker column to the beauty of Bon Iver. Here is clip of bearded singer-songwriter performing an a cappella version of his song "For Emma" in a Paris hallway.

"I am the junior senator from Illinois!"

What don't you people understand?!

NYTimes Does Not Condone Texting about Gays

Apparently, when you try to text through the New York Times' mobile service, it replaces the word "gay" in article headlines with "beep." Maybe if the New York Times thinks that "gay" is such a bad word, they should stop putting it in so many of their headlines.

Bill Richardson's Withdrawal

At a press conference, he explains his decision.

Upright Citizens Brigade's Obamatopia

Jesus Christ? Barack Obama.

Bill O'Reilly is Gay

...according the official Fox News Twitter account.

Craigslist Penis Photographer

This video appeared on Funny or Die this morning, courtesy of Bob Odenkirk.