Monday, January 12, 2009

Wolf Blitzer Just as Bad of a Dancer as You Would Think

Obama to Make Up for Rick Warren with Gene Robinson

Obama has reportedly asked Gene Robinson, a gay Bishop from New Hampshire to give the opening prayer at the Inauguration. If only he were a gay Rabbi.

Bill Cosby on Meet the Press

His whole appearance was great, but this exclusive online clip with a very funny bit on Roland Burris really got me.

The Ultimate Exit Interview

Chuck Todd gets his only chance as Chief White House correspondent to slam President Bush. At least he gets him to state that it "may be fair" to say that "Republicans don't like immigrants." [ThinkProgress]

Joe the War Correspondent - 1st Video!

"I have a lot of questions, I'm just trying to find the right one."

He also think that "the Media" should not be allowed to report on war. [HuffPo]

Tina Fey Tells the Internet People to Suck It

Tina Fey used her Golden Globes acceptance speech last night to tell real internet haters to "suck it."

Also, "I am the face of post-racial America. Deal with it Cate Blanchett!"