Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Steve Jobs Stepping Down

Turns out all those health rumors weren't bullshit after all. [NYTimes]

Joe the War Correspondent vs. Rick Sanchez

Eat it, Sam!

Obama on How to Participate in the Inauguration


The Future of The New York Times

Two articles this week tackle the future of the newspaper of record.

In this New York Times article, David Carr proposes the idea of inventing an iTunes for news where people would pay for only the pieces they want to read, without the distraction of advertising.

In this New York Magazine article Emily Nussbaum profiles the young renegades who are transforming the Grey Lady into a 21st century experiment in information sharing. Anyone who is curious about how the New York Times might manage to survive should check them out.

Glenn Beck: "Obama is the Great Incarcerator"

Watch the other fun ways Hannity and Beck contrast Obama and Lincoln.

Bush "Not Ambivalent," "Likes Obama"

Laura Bush, not so much.

Ultimate George Bush Retrospective

Thanks to 23/6 for helping us cope with Bush's imminent departure with this loving tribute.

Chelsea Clinton: Intern for a Day

What exactly does Chairman Kerry's prerogative entail? [Wonkette]