Thursday, January 22, 2009

Glenn Beck Claims Atheists "Don't Represent America"

Glenn Beck chose to debut his new Fox News show with this segment telling us who Americans really are. The split-screen dry erase board drawing was riveting. Can't wait to see how else he "bails out" common sense.

Inauguration: FunnyOrDie's High-Five Inauguration!

Fortunately, every famous person in the world was in DC last weekend to shoot this Funny Or Die sketch.

Larry King's Son Wants to be Black

"It's got a lot of advantages. Black is in." [ThinkProgress]

Inauguration: Bill O'Reilly Reacts to Young Jeezy and Jay-Z

"Now Jay-Z should know better. I don't know much about 'Young Jeezy.'"

Bronx Zoo Porcupine Gets Laid Off

The Wildlife Conservation Society responds to Gov. David Patterson's proposed budget cuts with this sobering video.

Prickly Situation at the Bronx Zoo from Gothamist on Vimeo.

Oscar Nominations Announced

The surprises were few but significant. The Reader coming out of nowhere to get Picture, Director and Best Actress. That meant no Best Picture noms for Dark Knight or Wall-E. Also, Clint Eastwood came up empty handed and Bruce's 'The Wrestler' failed to get a Best Original Song slot. At least we get to see 2 live Slumdog Millionaire songs performed at the ceremony.