Friday, January 23, 2009

Robert Gibbs is "Not Going to Get into These Matters"

A little bit of scary non-transparent behavior from Robert Gibbs today as the press questions him on the drone bombing of Pakistan.

Mmmm... Drunken Negro Head Cookies

Shame! Shame! Shame! [Gothamist]

CNBC: "The whole country needs a bong break."

I agree that legalization of marijuana would do wonders for our current economy. Not sure that calling it a "bong break" is the best approach. [AlleyInsider]

CNBC: The Whole Country Needs A Bong Break from AlleyInsider on Vimeo.

Rush Limbaugh Hopes Obama Fails

"I hope he fails." Doesn't get much more clear than that.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and their Friends Make Pledges

I agree with pretty much everything these celebrities are saying. So, why does this video make me so uncomfortable? Barack Obama has gone a long way towards eliminating cynicism in my generation. This video is not helping that cause.

Kirsten Gillibrand's 2006 Campaign Ad

I have to admit that I know very little about New York's new junior senator appointee, but this campaign ad that she ran in 2006 is truly inspired. I feel pretty good about anyone that would get this eccentric with their advertising.

The Vatican YouTube Channel

After only 2 days, it already has 12 videos! This Italian silent film shows how the Pope gets from real life to YouTube.

Chris Matthews Hates on Blogs

"Let's stick to journalism. I don't do that here. If it's just blogging let's drop it." [HuffPo]