Wednesday, January 28, 2009


In honor of the House passing the new stimulus bill, please enjoy this parkavenueD classic.

Barack Not Impressed By Snow Day

D.C. needs more "flinty Chicago toughness."

Bart Simpson Promotes Scientology

One of Bart's classic prank calls? Or Nancy Cartwright seriously robocalling people about Scientology?

College Humor's Mad Libs Men

"Squishy work today gentleman. See you in a bazillion gajillion years." [CollegeHumor]

Colbert Interviews Bill O'Reilly Live (from last Thursday)

Also, "Senator Robert Byrd is 135 Gillibrands old."

Seth Meyers on Letterman

Joe Biden is like "a hot girl who says really inappropriate things."

Purple States - Advice to Obama

See me and 49 other bloggers give advice to President Obama on