Monday, February 2, 2009

Giggle-Time All-Mo

"Michael Steele is the Republican Party's Giggle-Time All-Mo."

Hillary Thanks Bill for "All Kinds of Experiences"

Does she mean what I think she means?

The Superbowl Porn Interruption

Not entirely safe for work.

Porn airs during Superbowl [CNN]

Superbowl Ads: BANNED!

Another Superbowl ad was banned by NBC in select markets, this time because of a reported "no-advocacy" rule on Superbowl Sunday. However, ThinkProgress discovered at least two other ads that were allowed to run and fall into the advocacy category (anti-steroids and anti-tobacco). It turns out that it's only when you're advocating anti-hate that NBC decides it can't run your ads.

Whoopi Admits to Smoking Weed

On The View today, Whoopi Goldberg defends bong-smoker Michael Phelps. But it's Barbara Walters talking about it that makes this clip worth watching.

Superbowl Ads: BANNED!

The banned PETA ad got a lot more play in the press, but it's not the only ad NBC banned from the Superbowl. This ad for a site that presumably promotes divorce also got the ax.

Superbowl Ads: Pepsuber

On his NYTimes NFL blog, Stuart Elliot calls the Pepsi MacGruber ads "one of the most audacious plays in the history of product placement."

This would be true if the product were being placed in the SNL sketch. However, when the 3 spots ran during this week's SNL, they were not within the show but rather separate commercials featuring SNL actors designed to trick viewers into thinking they were watching a fake SNL ad.

It's still fairly egregious that Lorne Michaels allowed the show's characters to be co-opted by Pepsi, but it is not product placement. Watch the one that aired during the game below.

The Office: Dwight's Lesson on Fire

Last night's special post-Superbowl episode of 'The Office' started off so strong that the rest of the show couldn't quite live up to the opening scene... until the roast of Michael Scott.

Superbowl Ads: Hulu: Alec in Huluwood

Hulu won the prize for me of best commercial of the Superbowl. Of course, that's mostly because of Alec Baldwin and the fact that they used the clip of him doing Tracy Jordan's father on 30 Rock. "What are you going to do, turn off your TV and your computer?"

Superbowl Ads: Tips kicked's ass last night.

Superbowl Ads: Year One: Trailer

In what we can only hope is the first of many trailers, Jack Black and Michael Cera show off their period acting skills. "I don't have a sword. I only got the holder. I didn't know that that's what it was for."

Superbowl Ads: Pepsi: Refresh Anthem

Dylan and help Pepsi change the world with this ad that efforts to enhance the Pepsi Obama connection.