Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama Talks to Brian Williams About the "Era of Responsibility"

Video from tonight's Nightly News where Obama addresses the withdrawal of cabinet nominees.

Morning Joe on the Stimulus

ThinkProgress put together this compilation of Morning Joe's stimulus bill coverage over the last two weeks. It's manipulative, yes, but illuminating in its ignorance and bias.

Daschle Withdraws

According to Andrea Mitchell, he read this NYTimes op-ed and that's what convinced him to step aside. Who knew newspapers could be so influential?

An Ode to the Great Peeler Dealer

Another NYTimes blog post of note, this time from the City Room. Joe Ades, who used to sit on the corner outside my office and peel carrots, has passed away. If you recognize this man, you know why this story is important.

I Lego N.Y.

Christopher Niemann's Abstract City Blog has a brilliant photo essay of New York City in legos. My favorite is this whimsical depiction of 3 Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Tom Daschle's 1986 Campaign Ad

MSNBC's First Read dug up this old Tom Daschle for Senate ad where he makes a point to criticize anyone who doesn't drive themselves to work. How could he have known that 23 years later he'd be in trouble for failing to pay more than $100,000 in taxes on his chauffeur?

Ashley Judd Hates Sarah Palin

Just because she loves shooting wolves from helicopters?


Steve Martin on Letterman

"Excuse me. Where's the VIP rescue boat?"

Steve Martin On Letterman: I Was On The US Air Flight [HuffPo]

Phish to Headline Bonnaroo '09

The lineup was announced this morning. Watch the preview below.