Thursday, February 5, 2009

MTV's 'How's Your News?'

What's the verdict, is it OK to laugh at this show? Because it seems like it's supposed to funny and Sarah Silverman is definitely involved.

McCain's Worst Case Scenario

McCain went on Greta Van Susteren to lay out how America is going to fail because we didn't elect him president. There is no best case scenario.

Congressman Gary Ackerman Flips Out at the SEC

"You couldn't find your backside with two hands if the lights were on!"

Kind of reminds me of Jerry Stiller from Seinfeld: "Kruger, you couldn't smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe.. I lost my train of thought...."

James Lipton Reenacts Christian Bale's Rant on Conan

Which is better, the Christian Bale's Just Not That Into You trailer mash-up, or James Lipton portraying both roles of the incident in this reenactment?

Michael Showalter's 'The Weekender' Parody

Thank you Michael Showalter, David Wain, Michael Ian Black, Paul Rudd, H. Jon Benjamin, Mike Birbiglia, Todd Barry and some other funny people for this lovely ad for 92YTribeca.

Anne Hathaway for Best Actress

The question of the day from the Carpetbagger is about the Best Actress category. Though I have a lot of love for front-runner Kate Winslet, I think that Anne Hathaway deserves this one. How she has managed to come away from this award season empty-handed so far is beyond me.
See the opening scene from the movie below:

Penelope Cruz Used to Ask for Blow Jobs at the Salon

Penelope talks to Jay Leno about English "mistakes" she made when she first came to the U.S.

Etta James Hates Beyonce, Barack Obama

And the crowd at her recent Seattle concert seemed to agree.

The Presidential Op-Ed

In today's Washington Post, Barack rallies Congress to support the economic recovery plan. He makes a lot of good points, but the part that really got me was the final line of the piece:

The writer is president of the United States.