Friday, February 6, 2009

Olberman Calls for Cheney to "Leave the Country" in Special Comment

Is it appropriate for the former Vice President to predict nuclear and/or biological terrorist attacks?

Lil' Wayne Presents Letterman's Top Ten List

Is he really that excited to be reading the Top Ten list, or just super-high? Also, watch out for Paul Shaffer's rendition of "Lollipop" at the end.

Barbara Boxer Mocks Lindsey Graham

Republicans are getting "theatrical!"

Michael Phelps Speaks!

Before finding out that he's been suspended by USA Swimming for 3 months, Michael Phelps gave this TV interview. By "his true friends and family" he means people that realize weed is really not a big deal.

Glenn Beck: Al Gore is Hitler

Because teaching kids about climate change is like indoctrinating them with racism and hate. Watch out for the "Gore Youth" everyone.

Jacketless Bush in Oval Office

New damning photos emerge of Bush sans jacket in the Oval Office. And he calls that "respecting the office of the presidency."

Bush Jacketless In Oval Office: Photo Uncovered After Bush Chief Of Staff Slams Obama's Informal Appearance [HuffPo]

The Octoplets Mom Talks to Today

Is having 14 children as a single mom "irresponsible and selfish?" This type of rhetoric is classist. Nobody questions Brangelina.