Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rep. Michael Capuano Gets His Turn with the CEO's

Boston's own Rep. Michael Capuano uses his homegrown New England fervor to go after the CEO's. "Who was the brilliant person that came in and said 'Let's do credit default swaps?' Find him. Fire him. Tell me you fired them."

Michael Cera Flips Out on the Set of Youth in Revolt

Guess he didn't learn his lesson after being fired from Knocked Up. "People laugh when things are funny!"

Terrence Howard is a Psycho

Here he is defending Chris Brown. "Chris is a good guy, man, he'll be alright. Rihanna knows he loves her."

Gary Ackerman Questions the CEO's

Everyone's favorite crazy congressman gets his shot at grilling the banking CEO's.

$789 Billions are Not Enough Billions

Yay, Congress reached a deal! Boo, it's not really what we wanted. The NYTimes headline says it all:

The package will pare back Democrats’ proposed spending on education and health in favor of tax cuts needed to win Republican votes in the Senate.

A-Rod on Letterman

Dave re-purposes some footage from an old A-Rod sketch to make it a little more relevant.

I Love You, Barack

This one speaks for itself.

Julio on Olbermann

Julio the McDonalds Worker got two job offers after yesterday's Town Hall meeting, proving that anyone who is enthusiastic and tries hard can find work. Olbermann: "The stimulus package has already worked pretty well for you." If he wants to go into communications, he may want to stick to radio.

Dolly Parton at the National Press Club

Watch Dolly offer her unique perspective on the idea of having a woman in the White House and then deliver this gem, "I think we've had enough boobs in the White House."