Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lindsey Graham Wants to "Nationalize Banks"

Wow, so much for Republicans hating Socialism. Watch the clip from ABC's This Week.

McCain: Obama Had a "Bad Beginning"

Well at least he had a beginning, loser.

John Singleton's Oscars Trailer

The Oscars are making a big deal about this "trailer" directed by John Singleton. It's on YouTube, but embedding is disabled, ensuring that far less people will see it. It's not very good anyway, so no big deal. Also, I don't think you can actually see the Oscars from space. Here's the link.

(WARNING: This is just a picture of the YouTube video)

Frank Rich: They Sure Showed That Obama

Frank Rich throws a little positivity Obama's way in today's op-ed after what's felt like weeks of bad news. My favorite passage references Michael Steele's outrageous claim about the myth of "government jobs."

Steele’s argument against the stimulus package is that “in the history of mankind” no “federal, state or local” government has ever “created one job.” As it happens, among the millions of jobs created by the government are the federal investigators now pursuing Steele for alleged financial improprieties in his failed 2006 Senate campaign.

SNL: The Cougar Den

"Facebook break!"

Roland Burris Remembers Something Funny

Oh yeah, now that I think of it Blagojevich's brother did ask me for money...