Monday, February 16, 2009

East Bound & Down: You're Fucking Out, I'm Fucking In

Watch the opening scene of the first episode of Danny McBride's promising new HBO series.

Flight of the Conchords: Too Many Dicks

Bret and Jemaine were back on top last night with the help of director Michel Gondry.

Alexandra Pelosi's 'Right America: Feeling Wrong'

I just watched Pelosi's new HBO documentary that follows John McCain supporters on the campaign trail. It brought back a rush of anxiety from those months and weeks leading up to election, when the hate and fear of Obama were a constant presence in the Media. Pelosi attempts to "hold a mirror" up to Republicans and show where they're coming from. Some really scary stuff emerges.

To watch this documentary now can almost feel refreshing, knowing that Obama won, but then you realize that all these people are still out there and have not suddenly changed their minds. Here's an interview Pelosi did with Rachel Maddow to promote the film.

Hey there! KarlRove is using Twitter.

While George W. Bush may not be twittering yet, Karl Rove is. A lot of his posts seem to be questions about how to use Twitter, but he's also contributing TwitPics like this one:

Another Crazy Roland Burris Press Conference

Watch Burris scream nervously at reporters.

Bill Clinton Specifically Not Responsible for Economic Crisis

"My question to them is: Do any of them seriously believe if I had been president, and my economic team had been in place the last eight years, that this would be happening today? I think they know the answer to that: No."

Eric Cantor's "Back in the Saddle"

YouTube superstar (and Republican Whip) Eric Cantor offers this remarkably boring video making the audacious claim that the House GOP is "back" because they didn't vote for the Stimulus. UPDATE: Taken down for copyright infringement.

MoveOn Letters Read in Congressional Hearings

Rachel Maddow highlights some letters read to the banking CEO's by members of Congress.

If I Ran the Academy...

The Carpetbagger asks what would be different if I ran the Academy. The answer is a lot, but for starters, 3 out of 5 best picture nominees would be different:

The Dark Knight
Rachel Getting Married
Slumdog Millionaire

Watch the beautiful closing credits from this year's most underrated film.