Monday, February 23, 2009

McCain Gives Obama Shit about Marine One

This guy just can't let it go.

Oscars: The Courage Campaign

The Courage Campaign just sent out Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech from last night and asked people to "pay it forward" by sharing the video with friends. Here is the inspirational speech, along with Sean Penn's more aggressive, yet equally important speech.

Judd Apatow's Funny People Trailer

And here's a real new trailer, for a real new movie that should be very funny (and, in the spirit of Apatow, very moving).

Mel Gibson's 'The Colonel'

Mel Gibson pulls a Les Grossman on Jimmy Kimmel last night and tries to convince people that he's not just crazy and actually has a sense of humor. Below, he premieres the trailer for his new film:

Fred Barnes Corrects Bristol Palin

In response to her comments last week about abstinence in an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Fred Barnes said this:

"That means she’s saying that abstinence actually is realistic. Either way, it’s certainly not fool proof. People slip, particularly teenagers, but not only teenagers."

Barnes: When Bristol Palin Said That Abstinence ‘Is Not Realistic At All,’ She Meant That It ‘Actually Is Realistic’ [ThinkProgress]

Alan Keyes on President Obama

Watch him say all kinds of outrageous things about Obama and then tell his interviewer to stop laughing.

Crazy Rick Santelli Fires Back at Gibbs

"This is one of the worst attacks I've ever seen on the Media." This is war!

Oscars: Ben Stiller Does His Joaquin Pheonix

He one-ups Alec Baldwin and completely upstages the Cinematography nominees.

Oscars: The Tom Cruise/Jimmy Kimmel Promo

One of the more inspired commercials during last night's Oscars. "I don't have cat."

Oscars: "Seymour Philip Hoffman"

Presumably, this video is important because of the moving tribute to Heath Ledger by his family. But my favorite part was Alan Arkin messing up Philip Seymour Hoffman's name and then watching Hoffman uncomfortably grimace and squirm in his seat. Not only did he know he wasn't going to win, but they couldn't even get his name right?

Oscars: Judd Apatow's Comedy Short

"When I watch a movie, I like to be intellectually stimulated. Or watch young boys have sex with Nazis." Also, they just blatantly laugh at 'The Reader.'