Tuesday, February 24, 2009

President Obama's Address to Congress

Watch the whole thing here. My favorite part was this clip (which I cut myself using MSNBC's amazing new video technology) about the importance of education.

UCONN Huskies Head Coach Jim Calhoun Flips Out on Reporter

Classic New England anger on display here. "My best advice to you? Shut up."

Let Me Google That For You

A new site helps you mock your friends for asking you stupid questions. Try it here.

Jon Stewart: The George W. Bush of Oscar Hosts

Change has come to the Oscars. (In this scenario Hugh Jackman is Barack Obama.)

Marc Maron on Bristol Palin

Thanks "Anonymous" for sending me this clip of Air America's Marc Maron slamming Greta Van Susteren for torturing Bristol Palin.
"That's not laziness. She was busy."

Chuck Schumer Gives Republican Governors a Reality Check

"This was never intended by Congress to be an a la carte menu."

Michael Steele Vows to Bury GOP Traitors

"I'm always open to everything baby, absolutely."

Steele discusses "retribution" against Specter, Snowe and Collins; open to cutting their funding next election [AmericaBlog]

LandlineTV: Republicans act like 5-year-olds

This video is funny enough that it makes up for the fact that these actors look nothing like the Congresspeople they are portraying. "I got a mortgage! I'm gonna eat it!"

Paula Deen's Pants Fall Down

WARNING: You DO NOT want to see this.

Paula Deen Moons Audience At South Beach Wine & Food Festival [HuffPo]


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