Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chris Matthews Explains the "Oh God."

Chris Matthews doesn't apologize about his involuntary slip but rather explain what he thought was so ridiculous about Jindal's entrance.

Colbert Report: It's 1997!

"Let's just log on to AOL and get jiggy with it."

Daily Show: Is Obama the Anti-Christ or Hitler?

"Do you think before you speak?"

Even Fox News Thought Jindal's Speech Sucked

ThinkProgress complied this clip of "lowlights" followed by Fox News' criticism.

The Bright Knight

This political animated cartoon was actually produced by Charlie Wheelan, who is running to replace Rahm Emanuel in Congress. Cheney as the Penguin wins my vote anytime.

David Brooks Drifts Further Away From the GOP Over Bobby Jindal

"It's just a form of nihilism... I think it's a disaster for the party."

Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page

The blogosphere is buzzing with comparisons between Bobby Jindal and 30 Rock's Kenneth the Page. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for posting this Kenneth compilation video.

George Will Doesn't "Know When Men Started to Hug Each Other."

This was the big takeaway from last night's speech. George Will's "Final Thought":

Rachel Maddow Speechless After Jindal's Response

One more reaction from the MSNBC crew. Looks like Rachel was also outraged by the Katrina reference.

Chris Matthews on Jindal: "Oh God"

Matthews let a little something slip as Booby Jindal appeared before the cameras to speak.

Bobby Jindal's Response

After a bunch of bullshit about how great it was to see an African-American addressing Congress and he's just like Obama, Jindal proceeds to explain how the government can't help the economy recover, by using Hurricane Katrina as the example of government not working. Does anyone else find this completely inappropriate? The people of New Orleans wanted the government to help, but they didn't show up. People all across the country (including in Louisiana) want the government to help them recover now. Bobby Jindal, stop running for President and start helping the people of your state. Watch his address here, or just the infuriating Katrina clip below.