Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vanity Fair's Madoff Victim Video

Why is it that this incredibly serious video seems like a parody? I think it might be the music.

Rush Challenges Obama to a Debate

I hope Obama watches this video and chuckles to himself about how ridiculous it is.

Even Ron Paul Can't Disagree With Rush

Ron Paul goes on MSNBC and fights to talk about something other than Rush Limbaugh. They won't let him change the subject until he says that Rush is wrong when he says Obama should fail. Paul just can't bring himself to directly oppose Rush. Via Wonkette.

Media Matters Sums Up Rush as Leader of the GOP

Seeing all of these comments in one place like this really brings it home.

'500 Days of Summer' Trailer

Any trailer that opens with Zooey Deschanel singing works for me.

MGMT's 'Kids' on iPhones

The Mentalists prove that you don't need instruments when you have iPhones.

Tonya Harding's Back and Talking Obama

"If you like me, great, if you don't like me, that' OK, that's your opinion. But I betcha, you'll still pay money to come see me." As the interviewer says, "You're a piece of work." [Wonkette]

Rush the 'Role Model'

Tom Delay supports Rush Limbaugh because he's willing to "stand up and fight." Because that's what we all need more of right now: fighting.

Jim Cramer on Obama's "Radical Agenda"

Appearing on the 'Today Show', Cramer called the Obama Administration's policies the "greatest wealth destruction I've seen by a President."

Lil' Wayne and Charles Gibson Play Scrabble


Joe Scarborough Hammers Michael Steele

This guy just can't catch a break. Scarborough, "He didn't want to come on the show, because Rush didn't let him I guess." [HuffPo]