Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seinfeld Cast to Reunite on Curb Your Enthusiasm

All four members of the Seinfeld cast will be appearing on the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In honor of this momentous occasion, here is the man in the cape:

Stephen Colbert's Doom Bunker

"Now gentlemen, I'm going to propose some horrific scenarios for discussion. But let me be clear. We are not looking for solutions. We just want to talk about how horrible it would be."

Rep. Zach Wamp on Health Care as Socialism

If you talk like this and have the last name Wamp you shouldn't be able to land an interview with MSNBC, let alone get elected to Congress. Hey, Mr. Wamp, "If you have cancer right now do you see it as a privilege to get some treatment?"

Rush Limbaugh: Diversionary Tactic

ThinkProgress compiled a video of Fox News pushing the GOP talking point that the White House is using Rush as a diversionary tactic from the economy. Yeah, because Rush doesn't draw attention all by himself.

Rachel Maddow on The View

It's like Jon Stewart on Crossfire. You can just tell that she's thinking about how much smarter she is than everyone else on the set.

RNC Hiring Via Youtube: Y'all Ready For This?

Gawker has the highlights of the YouTube submissions for jobs at the RNC. If you're inspired by the example below, you can submit your video here.

Michael Jackson's Comeback: This Is It

Here's a clip from his press conference, where he pretty much just says "I love you."

DailyKos Exposes Jindal's 'Disney-Land Express'

"I love that they picked Disneyland, because the thing may only exist in the Disneyland of the mind."

Michael Steele Never Attacked Rush

Now he is "an appropriate and very important conservative voice for this party." Is that mutually exclusive from "incendiary and ugly?"

Brit Hume: Everyone Wins (Except for Michael Steele)


Rick Santelli Cancels on Jon Stewart

...causing Stewart to rip him a new one on 'The Daily Show.'
"Are you listening Rick Santelli?!"

Phish Combats the Recession

From today's New York Times article about this weekend's Phish reunion.

Mr. Anastasio also has another mission in mind. As a longtime fan of Depression-era swing bands, he has been thinking about Phish’s role in the current recession. “For people in hard times, we can play long shows of pure physical pleasure,” he said. “They come to dance and forget their troubles. It’s like a service commitment.”

Maybe this time they'll play Fluffhead. Wish I could be there with you tomorrow night, boys.