Sunday, March 8, 2009

Demetri Martin: Creedocide

This is a couple of weeks old, but I just watched it and thought it was hilarious.

Bill Maher on The Government

In his closing piece on this past Friday's 'Real Time,' Bill Maher responded to Bobby Jindal's anti-government speech. He really takes Jindal to task and offers a strong argument for the benefits of the national government.

I'm going to see Bill debate Ann Coulter tomorrow night at Radio City Music Hall. Should be a trip. I'll have a recap on Tuesday.

Chris Wallace Speaks for Rush Limbaugh

"He wasn’t saying I want the president to fail. He was saying I want his policies, his agenda to fail and that he disagreed with them and thought they were bad for America." [ThinkProgress]

Sarah Palin's Back in Her Element

Stick to the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, crazy Alaskan lady.

Gingrich Gears up for 2012 on Meet the Press

One more clip from today's Meet the Press. The best way to cut down on overall partisanship is to attack Rahm Emanuel. And "not particularly" is not a very convincing answer Mr. Gingrich.

SNL: Michael Steele on Weekend Update

"Rush Limbaugh is just an entertainer--a great entertainer--a beacon of truth and light in times of uncertainty."

SNL: The Rock Obama

"What happens is you made Obama angry."

John McCain Gets Very Uncomfortable on Fox News Sunday

"One date said to her that she could be his Cindy."

John Boehner Dodges Questions about Rush

"There are a lot of people who want to speak on behalf of our party." From CBS' Face The Nation:

"Lindsey Grahamnesty" Talks Rush on Meet the Press

Lindsey Graham might the only Republican in Congress who is willing to say anything negative about Rush Limbaugh. But he still wants the White House to stop bringing him up.