Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bo Burnham's 'How To Be a YouTube Star'

The real answer may be to make meta-YouTube videos.

Madoff To Plead Guilty, Spend Life in Prison

Rick Sanchez reports on Madoff's plea, and draws a connection to the market going up 379 points. "150 years in prison!"

Meghan McCain on the Early Show

What exactly about campaigning with her father made her "fall in love with the Republican Party?" Watch her talk about the GOP, Ann Coulter and why you have to defend the Jews on CBS' The Early Show. Harry Smith pretty much just laughs at her for 5 minutes.

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Andy Richter's Car Commercial

Andy Richter attempts to "keep up with the Joneses in this new ad.

Losing Our Religion

Been hearing about that report showing how the U.S. is getting less and less religious? Here's some fancy visual evidence from CNN. Congrats to Lousiana and Rhode Island for being the only two states getting more religious.

Jim Cramer and Joe Scarborough Gang Up on Jon Stewart

First Cramer says, "If Jon Stewart wants to debate the merits of tier one capital versus common equity I'll do it, but the guy's a comedian." Then, Joe Scarborough says, "He's not a comedian, he's an ideologue."

Bernard Goldberg on NBC's 'Journalistic Hookers'

Goldberg goes on Bill O'Reilly to accuse NBC of "defamation of conservations." After calling the executives "journalistic hookers", he goes on to say, "I say this with apologies to the other hookers out there who only sell their bodies. These people have sold their journalistic souls."

Bill Maher vs. Ann Coulter at Radio City

I attended the Maher vs. Coulter slug fest at Radio City Music Hall last night and they did not disappoint. Each "pundit" got about 15 minutes to make opening remarks. Ann went first, offering her provocative opinions and "jokes" to mostly silence and occasional jeers. Bill fared much better, getting the predominantly New York liberal crowd riled up and delivering some legitimately hilarious lines.

My favorite part of night came during the debate portion when Ann Coulter legitimately asked Bill Maher (and the audience), "Who wouldn't want to date Rush Limbaugh?"

Politico's Michael Calderone has his recap here. If anyone has or finds some bootleg video of this event, please send it my way.