Sunday, March 15, 2009

Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America

In a clip from last night's Will Ferrell special on HBO, W. goes through his presidential contact list, spending a good amount of time ripping on Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain.

This Week Weighs in on Stewart vs. Cramer

George Will: "I think that the best journalism in America is business journalism."

Tucker Carlson on Jon Stewart

In this clip from CNN's Reliable Sources, Tucker rips into Jon Stewart then delivers this bomb: "I am the least partisan person I know."

Cheney Thinks Obama Has Made Americans Less Safe

In an interview this morning with John King, Cheney made his views on torture known. In the words of John King, "Many people will say Vice President Cheney just said Barack Obama is making us less safe, which you just said."

SNL: The Return of Brian Fellow

Tracy Morgan didn't manage to be quite as funny on SNL last night as he is on 30 Rock, but he did bring back Brian Fellow's Safari Planet.