Monday, March 16, 2009

John King and Dick Cheney Both Don't Trust Barack Obama

"Is the President of the United States trying to brazenly deceive the American people?" CNN's John King and Dick Cheney agree that yes, he probably is. Media Matters has this clip of King using the front page of conservative newspaper Human Events to make that very point.

Also see Arianna Huffington's blog post, What If Jon Stewart, Instead of John King, Interviewed Dick Cheney

Levi Speaks, Has No Regrets

Thanks Politico for posting this video of Levi Johnston giving an articulate interview from his truck. "It's just me not being mature enough or somethin'."

Chip Reid Chastises Robert Gibbs' Sarcasm

"Is that the sanctioned tone towards the former Vice President?" The answer is yes. [Wonkette]

Fox News Features Biden's John McCain Impression

ThinkProgress catches them in the act. Here's the offending clip:

Meghan McCain on The View

"Kiss my fat ass" Laura Ingraham! You go, Meghan McCain.

60 Minutes: Ben Bernanke's House on Fire Metaphor

Enough with the house on fire metaphors, Bernanke. You're never going to top Robert Gibbs.