Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pope Doesn't Know What Condoms Do

The Pope is going around Africa telling people that condom use could make the AIDS epidemic worse. "Health experts disagree."

Fox News Apologizes for Biden Clip

Fox apologized for playing Biden's quote out of context. "When we get something wrong, we admit it." Sure, but that doesn't make up for the thousands of people who see the original but miss the retraction. That's like me telling Meghan McCain she's fat and then apologizing right after. I could have just not said it in the first place. Plus, I would never say anything like that to Meghan.

Crazy Rick Santelli "OK" with AIG Bonuses

"Maybe I'm missing something, but the outrage seems to be about "M's."

Is George Clooney Hammered in Chad?

Apparently. He's also doing a damn fine Andy Rooney impression.

The McCain Twitterview

In his ground-breaking "twitterview" with George Stephanopoulos, John McCain dodged the question of whether he agrees with Meghan's opinions of Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham. Read the illuminating except below.

Public Enemy and The Roots on Jimmy Fallon

Finally, Jimmy puts the Roots to good use. "Bring the Noise"

Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller Make Fun of Glenn Beck

When these two guys are calling you crazy, you know you've really lost it. "He makes Howard Beale look like John Wayne."

Trailer: Away We Go

The trailer for Sam Mendes and Dave Eggers' new film rips off Juno and Garden State, but I really liked those movies so I'm buying it.

CNBC Makes Nice With Obama

In a post Stewart vs. Cramer world, is somebody forcing CNBC to be a little easier on President Obama?

Robert Gibbs Fucks With Chuck Todd

"This is a very serious room."

Tom Friedman on Ben Bernanke

"This was really a bad morning to stop sniffing glue." Friedman's not buying Bernanke's sunny 60 Minutes interview. He should probably just stop sniffing glue anyway.

Fox News Wants to Torture Bankers, Not Just Terrorists

"I was going to recommend boiling in oil in Times Square." [ThinkProgess]

Colbert's Outrage Over AIG

Stephen busts out the pitchfork. "Who could lead this mob?"