Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marriage, Redefined!

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary finally redefines marriage. [Wonkette]

Rick Sanchez's Caller Wants to Kill AIG Execs

"America first! And rich and obnoxious people second."

Jonathan Krohn on the Today Show

Do we really need David Gregory interviewing this kid? This is so painful. Watch at your own risk.

'Old School Teacher' Rep. Gary Ackerman Gives It to Liddy

He's far more measured then when he was interrogating the SEC, but no less crazy. "You've got legislation coming down the pike that they're going to call 'I can't believe it's not waterboarding."

AIG CEO Edward Liddy Fears for Lives of Employees

After Barney Frank requests for a list of names of those executives who have received bonuses from AIG, CEO Edward Liddy reads off a list of threats that have been made against their lives. He's just afraid of the Colbert-led, pitchfork-waving mob. Frank of course admits that if Congress gave in to any threat that is being made on their lives, nothing would ever get done.

Let the Bill O'Reilly Dirty Remixes Commence!

Bill O'Reilly has recorded an audio book of an old novel he wrote, which has now leaked on the internet, allowing people to make videos like this one:

Glenn Beck Reads Off a List of All the Crazy Things He Is

Oh, wait, he's being sarcastic. I thought he was just finally admitting to being such a psycho.

Barney Frank Weighs In on the AIG Bonuses

Looking pissed off and disheveled on this morning's Early Show, Barney Frank blames the Federal Reserve for letting AIG get away with giving out bonuses. You do not want to interrupt this man.

Seth MacFarlane's New Hulu Ad

MacFarlane continues the Hulu-as-aliens conceit in this new ad.

Daily Show: St. Patrick's Day Protest

John Oliver takes to the streets to witness the populist rage over the AIG bonuses. "J-E-T-S. Jets! Jets! Jets!"