Friday, March 20, 2009

Joe the Horny Bastard

Samuel Wurzelbacher at the "Media Research Center." That can't be right.

'Watchmen' and 'Wall-E' Trailer Mashup

Check out this expertly edited trailer that makes Wall-E look even more exciting than it is (and much more exciting that Watchmen).

New Music Fridays

Today on New Music Fridays: a new dance party track from Handsome Furs, "Chinatown Wars" by Ghostface vs. DOOM, a stream of the Heartless Bastards SXSW show and videos of Bruce on the Daily Show and Eric Clapton sitting in with the Allmans at the Beacon.

Handsome Furs - I'm Confused [Pasta Primavera]

Ghostface & DOOM - Chinatown Wars [RappCats]

Concert Stream of the Week: Heartless Bastards at SXSW [NPR Music]

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Bruce Springsteen - Working on a Dream
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Chairman of Special Olympics on Obama's Joke

Tim Shriver appeared on Good Morning America to respond to Obama's joke on last night's Tonight Show. "He expressed that he did not intend to humiliate this population. Certainly didn't want to embarrass or give anybody any more reason for pain or suffering."

Trailer: Gobstopper

Christoper Lloyd stars in this new horror version of a childrens classic.

Jimmy Fallon Slow Jams AIG

"I want my whistle blown."

CNBC Host Says Poor People Can't Run Wall Street

Mark Haines on the realities of Wall Street:

"I know it’s politically unpopular, politically incorrect. I know it goes against all of the populist indignation that’s out there right now. But you can’t really, it seems to me, expect that these Wall Street companies are going to be run well by a bunch of people who don’t make more than $250,000."

Colbert vs. Steele Rap Battle

Colbert had a somewhat one-sided rap battle with Michael Steele last night. "The Democrats have got the swagger right now."

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Michael Steele's Rap Battle Response
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Trailer: Year One

This is going to be epic. "There's like sixty people ion the village. You Really have to go out of your way to not know somebody exists."

Obama on Leno [Full Interview]

Watch Obama's hilarious interview with Leno. Jay's sign-off says it all:
"Mr. President, I must say this has been one of the best nights of my life."

Obama's Message to Iran

You can't see W. doing this. We've come a long way since the "axis of evil" speech.