Saturday, March 28, 2009

MSNBC's Legalize Marijuana Debate

Of course, they have someone on from Rolling Stone. Good debate, though.

"That kind of moralizing is just what's destroying Mexico, sir."

Jimmy Fallon's 'Saved by the Bell' Reunion

In honor of the 20th(!) anniversary of Saved by the Bell, Jimmy Fallon is planning a reunion on his show. Sign the petition here.

"I urge you all. Democrats, Republicans, Dustin Diamond..."

Your Weekly Address from the President

Speaking on public service in North Dakota where flood waters are rising:

"College students have traveled by the busload from nearby campuses to lend a hand during their spring breaks. Students from local high schools asked if they could take time to participate. Young people have turned social networks into community networks, coordinating with one another online to figure out how best to help."