Tuesday, March 31, 2009

John Cage on iTunes

This week, iTunes is offering John Cage's "4'33"" as its "discovery download." It's the song where a guy sits at a piano and doesn't play anything. This has got to be joke, right? At least it's a free download...

Why Is Todd Palin Spending the Week with Esquire?

Good question, why is he? Actually, I've got a better question. Why is Esquire spending the week with Todd Palin?

Colbert Report: American Narcissism

In Colbert's first show back after his vacation, he examines American Narcissism, using Sean Hannity as a prime cause.

"We live in the single, greatest, best country God gave man."

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American Narcissism
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Daily Show: Carmageddon '09

Welcome back, Jon.

"Because when Detroit gives us lemons, we give them billions of dollars."

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Carmageddon '09 - Lemon Aid
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Glenn Beck Celebrates His Own Earth Hour

"Just to show that I am such a supporter of Earth Hour, and that I don't think that it's ridiculous, and that I so believe in that whole global warming thing..."

Glenn Beck turns on extra lights during his show.

Glenn Beck's Tears Bring Tears to the Eyes of Joe Scarborough

...tears of hysterical laughter.

"It's not a crime to love the United States of America."

The Republicans' 'Hit and Run' on the Economy

A good new ad, with an apt metaphor, from the DSCC.

Letterman's Late Show News Recap

Another great new segment Dave. Keep it coming.

Bill O'Reilly Refuses to Travel to Spain

The Spanish people must be freaking out. President Zapatero, stop investigating the Bush administration's war crimes immediately so that your people do not have to be denied the presence of Bill O'Reilly any longer.

President Obama's Op-Ed to the World

Just before he arrives in Europe for the G-20 summit, President Obama has published an op-ed in dozens of papers around the world. The most striking thing about the piece is how it's noticeably more sophisticated than most of the speeches he makes to the American people. It's almost as if he thinks the rest of the world is smarter than us.
Here's an excerpt:

Our leadership is grounded in a simple premise: We will act boldly to lift the American economy out of crisis and reform our regulatory structure, and these actions will be strengthened by complementary action abroad. Through our example, the United States can promote a global recovery and build confidence around the world; and if the London Summit helps galvanize collective action, we can forge a secure recovery, and future crises can be averted.

Seymour Hersh on Cheney's Assassination Wing

Here's the video of Seymour Hersh attempting to explain the comments he made about Cheney's secret assassination wing to Wolf Blitzer. To hear a much more in depth analysis, head on over to NPR's Fresh Air, where Terry Gross interviewed Hersh yesterday.