Friday, April 3, 2009

New Music Fridays

Bob Dylan has released the first, very strong single from his upcoming album as a free download. Also this week, we have some acoustic Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a nice collaboration between The National and St. Vincent, The Killers' cover of Bright Eyes' "Four Winds" and the exclusive live video of Yeasayer performing their track from Dark Was the Night on The Current.

Bob Dylan - Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ [Aquarium Drunkard]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Little Shadow (Acoustic) [The Music Slut]

The National And St. Vincent - Sleep All Summer (Crooked Fingers Cover) [Pretty Much Amazing]

The Killers - Four Winds [Cannibal Cheerleader]


I went to a screening of Greg Mottola's new film Adventureland this week and I can honestly say that it belongs in the canon of classic coming-of-age movies. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are each so real and perfectly suited for their roles. But one of the major highlights is the most affecting film performance thus far from Martin Starr. It's as if his high school geek from Freaks and Geeks had grown up and still can't quite find his place among the people around him. Here's the clip of Starr's character showing off his exemplary video game skills.

John Oliver and The Poisonous Queen

It's times like these where we need British people like John Oliver to explain the intricacies of Queen-touching.

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The Poisonous Queen
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NBC Affiliate in Boston Rejects New 10pm Leno Show

In a bold move, Boston's WHDH is going with local news over Jay Leno's new 10pm talk show in the fall. What makes this so harsh is that Leno is from Massachusetts, evidenced by this 1986 ad he did for the Boston Globe:

Rachel Maddow and Colin Powell Discuss 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Powell basically says that he wouldn't be against changing the policy. But then Former Secretary of the Army Clifford Alexander takes it a bit further:

"'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is a little bit like having a bowl of bigotry surrounded by a curtain of silk."

Jack Cafferty Thinks Michelle Obama is 'Hot'

Reporting on Michelle Obama's favorability ratings, Cafferty admits, "I have a crush on her."

Blagojevich Goes to Disney World

Governor Blagojevich, you're about to be indicted, what are you going to do now?