Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Levi Johnston's CBS Interview

"So either you're lying or Sarah Palin is lying. Which is it?"

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Ted Kennedy Throws Out First Pitch at Red Sox Opening Day


National Organization for Marriage Ad

Here's a new TV ad from a paradoxical organization who's goal is to prevent marriage.

Barney Frank Fights Right-Wing Harvard Student

Barney Frank takes a student to task over the question of whether he takes any responsibility for the financial crisis.

"I've never heard anybody say, 'Good for you, it happened on your watch.'"

O'Reilly Outraged by Gay American Idol Contestant

According to Bill O'Reilly, American Idol viewers will surely come to their senses and vote off the openly gay contestant. Not only is this guy gay, there's actually a picture of him kissing another man! [ThinkProgress]

"Don't folks have to vote on this thing?"

Let Glenn Beck Eat Economic Cake

Glenn Beck offers a visual, edible metaphor for what the Obama administration is doing to our precious, delicious economy. The last thing this guy needs is to retain more cake.

"FDR took the cake and did this to it."

Zac Efron's White Trash Pool Party

A new celebrity-filled video from FunnyOrDie, the perfect place for famous people to mock themselves and make people think they have a sense of humor.

"You want to talk about Ron Paul? We can talk about Ron Paul."

Daily Show: Baracknophobia - Obey

Jon sends a strong message to conservative pundits who are fear-mongering about President Obama.

"I think you might be confusing tyranny with losing."

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Trailer: Everyone Poops

Inside all of us is... POOP.