Thursday, April 9, 2009

THE OFFICE: Dwight and Andy Sing 'Take Me Home Country Roads'

Out of many funny moments in two new episodes last night, this clip of Dwight and Andy competing for the affection of new Kelly (AKA Erin) was the highlight for me.

Stephen Frees His Jews

Happy Passover everyone!

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Kanye Responds to South Park

Kanye weighs in on last night's South Park on his blog. Could he really be writing this? Seems crazy enough to be him, but "Little Wayne"??

Pirates are the New Terrorists

Hillary will smoke 'em out.

"Piracy may be a centuries old crime, but we are working to bring an appropriate 21st century response."

Mark Sanford's Anti-Stimulus Ad

This is the reasoning behind Mark Sanford not helping his constituents in South Carolina. Also, I'm pretty sure "Carolinians for Reform" is just Mark Sanford.

East Bound & Down: You're Fucking Out, I'm Fucking In [Audiobook]

Finally, you can feel like you're actually listening to Kenny Powers' audiobook with this compilation of every clip from the show.

The South Park Fishsticks Joke

The new joke that's sweeping the Late Night talk show scene.

"The only person who appears to not get the joke is rapper Kanye West."

Trailer: Extract

Mike Judge triumphantly "returns to work" with this new comedy featuring Jason Bateman and a long-haired, bearded Ben Affleck.

"You know how fragile we all are? We're just hanging there."

A Gathering Storm... of Men

A quick-turnaround remix of the National Organization for Marriage commercial.

Eric Holder's CBS News Interview

Katie Couric drops her "gotcha journalism" techniques to interview Attorney General Eric Holder. The most remarkable portion of the interview was when Holder pulled back a little bit on his dedication to promoting gun control.

Trailer: 33 Minutes

Wonkette has this ridiculous trailer for a new documentary produced by the Heritage Foundation. It's chock full of fear and technical details like this one:

"Time and time and time again, we've proved the critics wrong. Initially they said that we would not be able to hit a bullet with a bullet. Well, we've got beyond being able to hit a bullet with a bullet. We are now able to hit a spot on a bullet with a bullet."