Friday, April 10, 2009

New School Protest Arrests Caught On Tape

This video is insane. Somebody's overreacting here. Not totally sure who it is. [City Room]

New Music on the Blogs

This week we've got new tracks from upcoming albums by Conor Oberst, Wale, and Dead Prez(!). Also, an interesting mash-up of Matt and Kim with the Beastie Boys.

Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band - Nikorette [Fuel/Friends]

Wale - Chillin' feat. Lady Gaga [Audio Muffin]

Dead Prez - Stimulus Plan [Attorney Street]

Matt & Kim vs Beastie Boys - Good Ol' Fashioned Rump Shaker
[I Guess I'm Floating]

Also, for good measure, here's Phoenix performing "1901" on last week's SNL.

Moviefone Visits 'Funny People'

Here's some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and clips from the new Apatow joint. Nothing revolutionary here, but I'll watch anything with these guys.

Fox News and Sex and the City Talk Teabagging

For anyone who's not getting the joke yet...

"Oh, I understand, just breathe through your nose."

Karl Rove vs. Joe Biden

This is war. First, Biden said that Cheney was "dead wrong," referring to his comments about Obama making us "less safe."

Now, Karl Rove has responded, calling Biden a "liar" and a "blowhard."

Glenn Beck Pours Gasoline on Average American

What's crazy Glenn Beck up to now? Oh, just pouring gasoline on some random guy to protest Obama's immigration plan.

"President Obama, why don't you just set us on fire?"

Rachel Maddow on the Teabagging Craze

She has a good compilation of various news commentators talking about "teabagging the White House."

"Who wouldn't want to tea bag John McCain?"

30 Rock: Liz Lemon as Steve Jobs

Here's the clip of Liz's "Keynote" address to save TGS from cutbacks.

"Comedy. Music. Live."