Thursday, April 16, 2009

30 Rock: Jackie Jormp-Jomp with Jimmy Hendrickson at Woodstocks

Jenna's Janis Joplin movie reaches a whole new level.

"We're all here at Woodstocks. Some day there will be a black president."

The Office: Andy's A Cappella Wedding Music

I was a little disappointed that they went back to the old opening credits sequence. But that was quickly rectified by Andy's a cappella wedding music. Here's the new ad from Here Come's Treble. "You can call us Al-cappella!!!"

Glenn Beck's 'I Have a Dream' Speech

Slightly less coherent than the original.

"I have a dream that we can stop playing not just the blame the messenger game. I have a dream that we can stop playing the game of blame the messenger who's specifically saying the opposite message."

Fox News Outraged by MSNBC's Teabagging Jokes

Yet they're even more outraged that no other news organizations gave the tea parties "P.R."

Colbert Gets Serious About Habeas Corpus

Colbert uses his scathing irony to call out on Obama for trying to deny the prisoners at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan the right of habeas corpus. In the same way he used to surreptitiously criticize Bush by agreeing with him, he is now turning it around to criticize Obama by positively associating his policies with Bush's. Sly move, Colbert.

"It's essentially the same stance taken by George Bush with one important difference: Obama makes the kids like it."

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Obama Denies Habeas Corpus
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Domino's CEO Forced to Make His Own Viral Video

He does not look very comfortable talking about this. Is it possible that this incident could kill Domino's? The NYTimes says it has certainly "tainted" the brand.

Rachel Maddow's Teabagging Day Recap

Hopefully I can move off of teabagging after this. But if you feel like getting really pissed off this morning, watch Rachel's Teabagging Day coverage below.