Friday, April 17, 2009

Ashton Kutcher and Evan Williams Talk Twitter with Oprah

@aplusk, @ev and @oprah cause Twitter to hit it's freak-out overload point. [Mashable]

13-Year-Old Seth Rogen Stand-Up

Someone dug up this video and chose to share it with the world through YouTube. His voice hasn't changed yet and he's making jokes about his Jewish grandparents.

New Music on the Blogs

This week we have one of the tracks from TV on the Radio's just released EP "Read Silence," a track from the upcoming Deer Tick album, The Streets' new Twitter-released tune and the free single download from Dave Matthews Band. Finally, there's a video of the beautiful live collaboration between Bon Iver and Bill Frisell on "Lovin's for Fools."

TV on the Radio - Shout Me Out (Willie Isz Remix by Jneiro Jarel) [I Guess I'm Floating]

Deer Tick - Easy [Pop Headwound]

The Streets - I Love My Phone [Pretty Much Amazing]

Dave Matthews Band - Funny How It Is [RCA Records]

Delay Adds Support to Texas Secession

Tom Delay on Hardball throwing his support behind Gov. Perry's secession talk.

"I wish 50 governors were standing up right now for the sovereignty of their states."

Colbert's Gathering Storm Ad

"It's like watching the 700 Club and the Weather Channel at the same time."

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Olbermann: 'President Obama, You Are Wrong'

Olbermann's Special Comment about Obama's refusal to prosecute members of the Bush administration.