Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meghan McCain's 'Scared Shitless' Comment

Hear the crickets after Meghan McCain's provocative statement at the Log Cabin Republicans speech.

"Most of the old school Republicans are scared shitless of the future."

Coachella '09 Videos

Here are some YouTube highlights from this weekend's festival.

Paul McCartney, "Yesterday" and "Helter Skelter":

M.I.A., "Paper Planes":

Leonard Cohen, "Hallelujah":

Fleet Foxes, "White Winter Hymnal":

The Black Keys, "Psychotic Girl":

The Killers, "All These Things That I've Done":

Girl Talk riding some sort of flotation device:

Rush Limbaugh's Proof That Torture Works: John McCain

Waterboarding works, people! Just listen to Limbaugh's sound reasoning:

"The idea that torture doesn’t work– that’s been put out from John McCain on down– You know, for the longest time McCain said torture doesn’t work then he admitted in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention last summer that he was broken by North Vietnamese. So what are we to think here?"

Boehner on Harmless Cow Farts

John Boehner, livestock methane is no laughing matter.

David Axelrod Does Not Approve of Teabagging

Appearing on Face the Nation this morning, he called the teabagging parties "unhealthy." That's one way to put it.

CIA director Michael Hayden on Fox News Sunday

If the terrorists know that we won't torture them then how can the CIA possibly do it's job? [ThinkProgress]

"At the tactical level, what we have described for our enemies in the midst of a war are the outer limits that any American would ever go to in terms of interrogating an al Qaeda terrorist. That’s very valuable information. Now, it doesn’t mean we would always go to the outer limits, but it describes the box within which Americans will not go beyond."

Frank Rich on the Gathering Storm Ad

As usual, Frank Rich sums up the heart of the issue in his column today about the National Organization for Marriage's "Gathering Storm" ad. His closing sentence says it all:

It is justice, not a storm, that is gathering. Only those who have spread the poisons of bigotry and fear have any reason to be afraid.

Previously: Gathering Twister: