Thursday, April 23, 2009

Olbermann Wants to See Hannity Waterboarded

Olbermann offers $1,000 to charity for every minute that Sean Hannity endures waterboarding.

30 Rock: Brian Williams Takes Tracy's Calls

Tracy Jordan's been handing out someone else's phone number.

"No this isn't Tracy Jordan. Really? I've not heard of that term before. Do you know how to get to Connecticut?"

The Office: Time to Make the Donuts

Early morning deliveries at the Michael Scott Paper Company in the old Korean church van.

"Whoa, Halpert, boner patrol."

Trailer: Wainy Days Season 4

Wow, everyone is in this. I especially like the part where David Wain morphs into Rob Corddry.

Meghan McCain Gets Feisty on The View

Meghan McCain on Karl Rove:

"You had your eight years. Go away."

Woody Allen and Larry David at the 'Whatever Works' Premiere

Here's a quick shot that someone caught of Woody and Larry on the red carpet at last night's premiere of Whatever Works.

Bob Odenkirk Hearts Susan Boyle

Who is Denny Chitterbottom?

"She was nobody until I started watching her."

Shimkus Compares Capping CO2 to 9/11

Everyone's favorite Congressional climate change denier, John Shimkus, reacts to the Waxman-Markey Clean Energy and Security Act.

"I think this is the largest assault on democracy and freedom in this country that I've ever experienced. I've lived through some tough times in Congress -- impeachment, two wars, terrorist attacks. I fear this more than all of the above activities that have happened."

Shepard Smith Lives in America!

Shep loses his shit on the Fox News online show. Uncensored freak out below:

Levi Johnston is a 'Gentleman' on Larry King

Levi refusing to tell Larry King whether or not he had sex in Sarah Palin's house

"You know, Larry, I'm a gentleman."

Sean Hannity Offers to be Waterboarded for Charity

How bad could it be?

"I'll do it for the troops' families."

Regis as Shrek on Letterman

Regis Philbin dresses as Shrek to promote Broadway week on Letterman.

"You look like Buddy Hackett after a bad clam."