Friday, May 1, 2009

David Shuster vs. NOM

David Shuster goes at it with Brian Brown from the National Organization For Marriage on MSNBC.

Miss California Pulls a Sarah Palin on Greta Van Susteren

Greta asks Miss California some questions about gay rights and doesn't get much back.

"When I do have a better answer for you I will get back to you on that one."

New Music on the Blogs

Three highlights today.

Track of the week: Black Lips ft. GZA - The Drop I Hold [My Old Kentucky Blog]

Show of the week: The Dead - April 24, 2009 at Nassau Coliseum [NYCTaper]

Video of the week: Bruce Springsteen - London Calling (April 29, 2009 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia) [PreFixMag]

Colbert Report: The First 14 Mondays

Colbert explores a new way to grade the president.

"Now reviewing the first fourteen Mondays of a presidency has been a time-honored way of judging a new administration ever since I yanked it out of my ass fifteen seconds ago."

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Obama Asks People to Sit for the National Anthem

"Sorry, my bad."

Preview: Mike Judge's 'The Goode Family'

Mike Judge's new show turns "King of the Hill" on its head by focusing on an overly liberal family.

Sarah Palin on American Chopper

Can't say I really know too much about this show, but I'll watch any reality show starring Sarah Palin. And this exchange is exactly what I'm looking for.

Guy with handlebar mustache and sunglasses: So, you snow mobile?

Sarah Palin: Oh, yeah. Snow machine, yes.

Fox and Friends Reacts to David Souter Stepping Down

Here's how Fox News dealt with the news of David Souter leaving the Supreme Court.

"Because this guy has been liberal in the past, Obama would really have to appoint an outright socialist for him to find someone more to the left of Souter."

John Boehner's Fear-Mongering YouTube Video

Is this actually what qualifies these days as an appropriate video for a U.S. Congressman to release?

Glenn Beck's Essay on Rush Limbaugh

Below is an excerpt from the TIME 100 issue. You can almost see the tears in Beck's eyes.

He attracts more listeners with just his voice than the rest of us could ever imagine. He is simply on another level.

No matter how many new technologies pop up, nothing will ever surpass the intimacy of radio. And nobody will ever be better at utilizing it than Rush. His consistency, insight and honesty have earned him a level of trust with his listeners that politicians can only dream of. And that is why the more irrelevant critics try to make him, the more relevant he becomes.

Matthew Shepard's Mother Responds to Virginia Foxx's 'Hoax' Comment

Rachel Maddow gave Judy Shepard a platform to address Virginia Foxx's offensive commentary calling Matthew's Shepard's hate-crime murder a "hoax."

Seinfeld in the YouTube Era

The Decider has an interesting article today how some of the funniest situations on Seinfeld would have been impossible with today's technology. They list cellphones ("The Chinese Restaurant"), caller ID ("The Susie") and YouTube ("The Boyfriend") as examples. It's so true. The "second spitter" video would have been wildly popular on YouTube.

Cantor Says GOP is "Not Rebranding"

Whoa, whoa, whoa, the GOP is not "rebranding" itself.

"What we are seeking to do is host town hall forums, live internet chats and other kinds of forums."