Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Olbermann on Joe the Queer Plumber and Miss Opposite Marriage

Keith reports on two idiots who are getting way too much attention for opposing gay marriage.

Chris Matthews Debates Mike Pence on Evolution

Matthews is ruthless on Rep. Mike Pence on evolution and science.

"Uhh...do I believe in evolution?"

Letterman: Dick Cheney: How'd He Do?

Letterman calls out Cheney for being critical of President Obama.

"You remember Dick Cheney? The evil Dick Cheney?"

Hot Naked Pics of Opposite Marriage Champion Miss California

MSNBC reports on some racy photos that have been released online of Miss California, Carrie Prejean. These photos only further my belief that she should stick to nude modeling and stay away from sharing her opinion.

Dalai Lama Wears New England Patriots Hat

When the Dalai Lama approached the stage at Gilette Stadium on Saturday to speak, he was wearing this Patriots hat. Just when I thought the world was really going to hell, something wonderful like this happens.

Bill O'Reilly is a Neutered Watchdog

You can bark louder than that, Bill.

Joe the Queer Plumber

I don't think this guy reserves the right to call other people "strange and unusual."

Media Matters: Fox Crops

Media Matters investigates Fox News' intriguing editing habits.

Happy Cinco de Mayo from the White House