Thursday, May 7, 2009

30 Rock: Tracy Might Be 60

Lemon has trouble telling the age of black people, which leads to a realization that Tracy might be much older than everyone thinks.

"He can't rap, he has diabetes, a lot of his friends are dead."

The Office: Cafe Disco

The Office tries to figure out what to call Michael's new espresso-fueled dance party room.

"Funk is the problem and the solution."

The View on Joe the Queer Plumber

Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck agrees that he's an "ignoramus."

"Joe the Plumber is not invited anywhere around me."

Was Manny Ramirez Suspended for Marijuana?

What was the mysterious banned substance that Manny Ramirez was suspended for? Was it performance enhancing, or quite the opposite?

The Los Angeles Dodgers star said he did not take steroids and was prescribed medication by a doctor that contained a banned substance. The commissioner's office didn't announce the specific violation by the 36-year-old outfielder, who apologized to the Dodgers and fans for "this whole situation."

UPDATE: Source claims it was actually a "sexual enhancer." [Yahoo! Sports]

O'Reilly and Coulter Joke About Waterboarding

O'Reilly dissects Coulter's interview with Joy Behar and declares a winner.

"I think you got her on the 'Do you want to be aborted?'"

Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Natalie Portman

Galifianakis is back with a new "Between Two Ferns" with special guest Natalie Port-man.

"You're an accomplished actress. You've graduated from Harvard. You've done some great international charity work. What, is your phone number?"

Trailer: Humpday

Will this be the movie that brings mumblecore to the mainstream? It does have gay jokes...

Hannity's Mustard Outrage

Didn't Obama realize that presidents aren't allowed to eat mustard?

"I hope you enjoyed that fancy burger, Mr. President."